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Saturday, 11 June 2016


Please remember that among the three websites of the Peace Criminals Project, one is satire only, and the other includes satire as a major part of it!

Neocon Surveillance is the main site; containing a wealth of material. Some of it is biting humor, while other material is more 'sober' and 'prosey...'

If far from prosaic, nonetheless!

Satirical-Industrial Complex, while not the centerpiece of the project, is dedicated 100% to satire.

Thursday, 26 May 2016


'Soviet Humor' might sound like a contradiction in terms, but there was no shortage of gallows humor among the subjugated peoples of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and many other nations. Presumably, the average citizens of the colonized territories had a reason for it, while the well-fed devotees of Stalin and Lenny V (not to be confused with Roosh V) didn't!

As purely scientific and not-at-all metaphysically-concocted evidence for the existence of Soviet humor, which is actually a fact and not a mere 'undeniable dialectical materialist scientific truth,' here are a few links:

Saturday, 21 May 2016


This is a new, previously unseen story, which I am publishing here in order to celebrate the release of The Great Flâneur Massacre. The latter satirical novella is being re-released as part of The Great  Flâneur Narrative on May 31!
Rob Schiller, the whingeing tenure-cadging graduate of Wallace Runnymede's The Great Flaneur Narrative, has started to intellectualize in a rather disturbing manner.

Indeed. Disappointed at the fact that no-one has given him a post at a university, this achingly under-appreciated lad with a crushing sense of entitlement has combined his hipster ethos with a sprinkling of jihadist rhetoric.

Schiller was already hostile to feminism, which latter he has always regarded as a maliciously counterfeit social justice movement designed purely to rob hard-working young white straight males of their rightful vocational entitlements.

So, the step to becoming a misogynist jihadist wasn't too difficult for him to make. But what does the UK's latest hipster jihadist actually think about the world he lives in? Schiller wails:
Islam was so very, very wonderful better in the old days before it went electric. Technology is merely a tool of Satan & corrupt & decadent music bosses, and that makes me so, so sad! ;( 
I am just SICK of people only listening to the parts of the Quran that talk about peace & love. There’s much better stuff out there... 
Still, it's too much to expect the likes of you probably wouldn't understand that! You people really hurt my feelings so, so much! ;( 
I remember when Islam was really EDGYYY, but after the first few Caliphs they sold out! I am just so oppressed... ;( 
I knew the Prophet’s teachings before they went MAINSTREEEAAAM! But nowadays, I am just REALLY, REALLY TIRED of all these Hanafis, Malikis & Shias jumping on the bandwagon! It just makes me want to cry ;(
However, after being waterboarded, getting a few good hard knocks on the good old Salafi-salami, and finally getting let out with a fashionable magnetic wristband, on condition of good behaviour, Rob has finally changed his tune.
 You know, I really used to love making hipster jokes before it went MAAAIIINSTREEEAAAM. But now everyone’s doing it, I don’t feel the same overweening pride in my edgy wit! ;((((((
Even so, Rob is now just as much a pariah as he ever was. From former MRA moderate male misogynist to former moderate political Islamist jihadist... now isn't he a charming lad! Still, having said that, he isn't a REAAALLY, REAAALLY NICE GUY!

But then, in fairness, most MRAs & jihadists aren't. That's probably why, by now, most Muslims and most men just won't have anything to do with him. Nor indeed will pretty much anyone, really! Well, perhaps there's a lesson in there somewhere...
As you wait for your pre-order to finally translate into a new ebook download, please check out these two excerpts from an earlier edition of The Great Flâneur Massacre:

Sample 1:


 I would like you to listen to me carefully.


What? Listen to you? You arrogant, smug-nobbing, condescending prick! Take that head out of your blumming arse and start smelling the coffee on the wall! You don’t speak for every Tibetan. 


I am not claiming to speak for every Tibetan. Believe me, I know all about that problem. I just want you to justify your assertion.


Seriously, mate, to be fair, I, I, I, I don’t have to sit here and take this, this pretentious shit from some pathetic and ignorant, backward-Third-World-Oriental-regime-lover like you! I mean… Seriously mate, just bloody look what’s happening in Tibet! I mean, oh come one, sis. We can’t just sit there!

Sample 2:


Look, it’s like this, mate! 
Facts are contentious, but convictions are non-negotiable! 
I mean, it’s human rights that count! 
Human rights are universal! We all live in a Single Universal Global Village! 
Be there or be square! 
Yeah! I mean, yeah! 
If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem! 
Take it or leave it! 
Bake it or blow it! 
I’m getting baked, never mind all the hate! 

Sunday, 15 May 2016


I've now finished serializing the first four Wallace Runnymede Satire Catastrophes ebooks. Look out for more satire on this site: including some previously unseen material!


Friday, 13 May 2016


At the risk of egregious flattery to my colleagues, my favorite satire outlet I write for is Glossy news. And I once wrote the piece “Autistic Savants Inspiring,” Says Cable TV Diversity Pimp.

Shortly after, however, I found out that another writer account on Glossy News (JihadTimes) had written also written a piece on Glossynews called: ISIS, the Autistic Brother of Al Qaeda! 

Upon reading this piece, I felt vaguely uncomfortable; although I certainly didn’t “throw my rattle out of the pram” (!) The humor appeared obscure and impenetrable to me, even though I was already aware (of course) of some existing odd or unusual usages of the word “autism” in a broader context in the English-speaking world.

So I did find the article disturbing.

But a little later, I reflected on my reception of the article. Isn’t satire supposed to be ambivalent? Is satire normally “right” or “wrong,” or is it more amoral than (im/)moral?

Actually, I do believe that it is very rare indeed for satire to be “wrong,” regardless of the ethical criteria. As regards immorality, one could perhaps speak about Nazi or Wahhabi caricatures of Jewish people, or the portrayal of “class enemies” in some periods of Communist history.

But there is partly a question of definition here; are such distortions “satire” or something else?

Either way, in the UK (where I live), or the USA (where two articles mentioned above were published), one could hardly compare the function of internet satire, generally speaking, to the more brutal examples of “humor” I just alluded to.

Yet, ultimately, I consider the piece on ISIS a compliment. The fact is that the author of the piece in question did not patronize me. They did not “spare the feelings” of any individuals at Glossy News who might or might not have Asperger’s Syndrome or autism.

Whether or not the person in question knew or not (whoever they are), I am deeply moved that they felt at liberty to take the risk they took. I would far rather they were prepared to take that risk, than walk on eggshells around me.

On some level, it was great to see someone write an article that could be considered “offensive” to autistic people. It was a great thing, precisely because, in a funny kind of way, I was being treated as an equal, and not as someone of less worth.

For, to be treated “specially,” to be some kind of “holy fool” up on his or her cloud, pristine and heavenly, and to be liberated (and hence) deprived of all humor, mockery or satire; whether monological sneering or dialogical banter; this would be hell on earth.

For, I cannot afford to be oblivious to how if I lose the one-way humor, I may also lose the two-way humor.

And, of course, the one-way/two-way distinction itself is problematic.

For, even though I found myself unable to laugh at the article I have spoken of, I would say that I also participated in the humor, insofar as, even without laughing, I gave it my blessing.

 Not that the satirist in question required my blessing. For, rather as the truth needs no defence, neither does humor or satire. No one needs an endorsement from me in order to satirize autism, Asperger’s or disability. If anyone tells you otherwise, then please do feel free to laugh them out of town; but again, you don’t need me to tell you that!

Still, I will draw a (somewhat loose) analogy. In many countries, women are free to marry whoever they wish; and yet in a church or perhaps other religious wedding, there will still be something like a “giving away” of the bride.

Nowadays, such a custom is not intended to imply that the woman is the property of her father, brother or whoever; but it represents a kind of good will and blessing that, although not strictly required for a free individual, is something that may be healing to give. It is not to be bestowed (via “conspicuous benevolence,” as I call it); but to give as a free gift, in love; unasked and unflaunted.

And the same applies to the covenant between the many individual satirists in our world

But of course, I’m not implying the existence of a monolithic “satirist community;” please don’t be giving assimilationist political parties any ideas! 

Anyway, I have just added a (not so) new core principle to my semi(non-)ironic “Confession of Faith’ on my Wallace Runnymede blog:

 “The day you can no longer laugh at yourself; that is the day you know they have finally won. This is the thread on which all my laws and prophecies hang.”